The co-operation was started in 1993-1994 when in the frame of ESA’s project “MARSNET” two micro rovers (the rover with three sections IDD-1 and the tracked rover IDD-2 [5]) were developed. Fig.1 shows the demonstrational prototypes of the Instrument Deployment Devices IDD-1 and IDD-2 that were developed jointly by VNIITRANSMASH (prof. A.Kemurdjian, V.Gromov, V.Kucherenko and A.Vorobjev) and the Max Plank Institute for Chemistry,Germany (R.Rider ,Wenke) for the MARSNET project.

Main technical data of IDD-1,2:

travel speed up to 0.94 m/s
mass, kg 1.5
overall dimensions, mm 200 x 200 x x50
Surmountable obstacles:  
friable sole slope, degr. 29
slope with a carpet path, degr. up to 65
step height, mm up to 300
trench width, mm up to 300