A. Bogatchev, V. Koutcherenko, S.Fedosseev, S. Matrossov, S. Vladykin


Since 1963 the Space Robotics Department of J.-St. Co. VNIITRANSMASH and then during last 16 years ( from 1992 and at present) Russian Science & Technology Rover Company Ltd (RCL) carried out works on development of locomotion systems for robotic projects and for the planetary rovers within the framework of Russian space programs [1,2]. Starting from the «perestroika» time in Russia, J.-St. Co. VNIITRANSMASH and Russian Science & Technology Rover Company performed the development of locomotion systems and device in co-operation with Space Institutes of Germany, Finland, France, UK, Australia and also with European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC) which leads the European space activities [3,4]. In present paper the summary and results of 16 joint projects performed by VNIITransmash & RCL for European space programs led by ESA/ESTEC are considered.


Project, Period & ESA’s Program Direct Customer / Contractor
1. Development of micro rover IDD-1 1993-1994, MARSNET MPI fur Chemie, VNIITransmash
2. Development of micro rover IDD-2 with the track locomotion system 1993-1994, MARSNET MPI fur Chemie, VNIITransmash
3. Development of Locomotion Concepts Analysis for Moon Exploration (LUMOT), 1993-1994, LEDA RST GYROOPTICS, VNIITransmash
4. Mobile Penetrometer for Rozetta 1994-1996, ROZETTA

DLR, VNIITransmash

5. Development of manipulator with 5 DOF ("RRP" Moon Rover manipulator mock-up) 1995-1996, LEDA VITROCISET, VNIITransmash, RCL
6. Development Moon Rover mock-up (LRMC), 1996-1997 LEDA ESA/ESTEC, VNIITransmash, Actron/RCL
7. Development of micro Rover for Science Application (RoSA-2), 1999-2001 SSF/VTT/HUT, RCL
8. Engineering Support activities for the CDF study, 2002 ExoMars09 VITROCISET, RCL
9. Development of a scaled locomotion platform model (ExoMaDeR), 2002-2003 ExoMars09 ESA/ESTEC, RCL
10. Mobile Penetrometer for Mars-Express, 2001-2003 Mars-Express DLR, VNIITransmash
11. Development of wheels for SOLEROmodel, 2003-2004 ExoMars09 RCL, ESA/ESTEC
12. Development of motorized-wheel modules with custom gears for ExoMaDeR scaled model, 2003-2004 ExoMars09 ESA/ESTEC, RCL
13. Engineering Support on Rover Locomotion (ESROL-A) for ExoMars Rover Phase A, 2003-2004 ExoMars09 ESA/ESTEC, RCL
14. Development of first scaled locomotion platform of ExoMars Rover concept E, 2005-2007 ExoMars09 University of Wales, RCL
15. Development of second scaled locomotion platform of ExoMars Rover concept E, 2005-2007 ExoMars09 ESA/ESTEC, RCL
16. Development of 5-DOFs scaled lightweight manipulator for scaled ExoMars Rover model, 2007-2008 ExoMars09 ESA/ESTEC, RCL