LRMC DEMONCTRATOR and RRP Moon Rover manipulator prototype

Further steps of VNIITransmash (M.Malenkov, A.Bogachev, V.Kucherenko and Vladykin), assisted by RCL and Actron Co.Ltd (A.Konkolovich and S.Matrossov) (both small companies have been founded by engineers and scientists of VNIITransmash) in the co-operation with ESA/ESTEC were next 2 projects ( ESA’s leaders - P.Putz, A.Martin Alvarez, M. Van Winnendaeil ,G. Visentin) – development and delivery to ESA/ESTEC of RRP manipulator with 5 DOFs and a demonstrator of locomotion platform LRMC for the LEDA project (Fig 2,3) [8]. LRMC is an element of the Lunar Utilisation Testbed at ESTEC. It consists of a simple rover chassis (locomotion platform and power supply) and other essential subsystems for control and communication.

Purpose of RRP Moon Rover manipulator prototype is the debugging of interaction of scientific devices and tools with surface investigated as well as control algorithms. Composition: manipulator, plate with mock-ups of scientific device and tools, control block.

LRMC demonstrator

LRMC demonstrator

Wheel arrangement is 4x4. Wheels are steered with individual drives. The wheel gearmotors by "Maxon".

Mass (including two automobile storage batteries)/ Payload mass, kg 20 / 60
Overall dimensions, mm 1200x900x525
Maximum travel speed, km/h 0,38

RRP manipulator prototype

RRP Moon Rover manipulator prototype

5 DOF lightweight design with custom drives

Number of degrees of freedom 5
Mass / Load-carrying capacity, kg 5 / 1.5
Maximum arm extent, m 0,8
Positioning accuracy, mm ± 5
Power consumption, W 2.3