LUMOT project

A” study |Locomotion Concepts Analysis for Moon Exploration” (LUMOT) was performed in the frame of ESA’s preparation activities for possible European / International Programme (Project leader - P.Putz). The general objectives of the LUMOT study were to gain experience from Russian specialists having worked more than 20 years on locomotion system for planetary Rovers. LUMOT was jointly developed by three companies: Raumfahrt Systemtechnik AG, Switzerland ( H.Braun) , J.S. Co. Gyrooptics, Russia ( I.Popova, Y.Vlasov) and VNIITransmash (M.Malenkov, S.Fedosseev and P.Sologub) [7]. The LUMOT study was performed by European –Russian team of engineers putting together a document reflecting both, the practical experience and the basic of Russian planetary Rover chassis technology. It provides an overview on Rover chassis developments with special relevance for a future lunar mission. It describes the Russian trafficability theory and the Russian practice to apply this theory in the developments.