A. Bogatchev (1), V. Koutcherenko (1), S. Matrossov (1), S. Vladykin (1),
A. Halme (2), J. Suomela (2), I. Leppanen (2), S.Ylonen (2), T.Yolikorpi (2)


During many years Science &Technology Rover Company Ltd (RCL) and Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) carry out joint works on development of mobile robots intended to operate on Earth and planets. One of directions of these works is development of locomotion systems, which should provide high cross-country capability and manoeuvrability under the complicated environment. Terrain can have the complex relief, abundance of obstacles and soils with different bearing strength. This stipulates necessity to development special locomotion system and control systems. The most original developments of the locomotion systems for mobile robots, performed by RCL and HUT jointly in a period of 1995-2008 are presented in the paper. They were made by order of European Space Agency (ESA), within the framework of the proposal to tender on development of a micro-robot for scientific applications, as well as for operation in forestry and public service. Each development was finished with creating and testing the full-sized mock-up taking into account requirements on a robot’s mass, overall dimensions, power consumption and control system. The paper gives description of the ball-shaped, rowing, wheeled, wheeled-walking, track and walking locomotion systems.