Special Manipulators


RCL, Russian Innovate Science & technology Rover Centre (St-Petersburg, Russia) , STC `ROCAD, State University - SUT and Joint Stock Company Russian Mobile Vehicle Engineering Institute (JSC VNII Transmash, St-Petersburg, Russia) during last 25 years developed more 20 on-board manipulators for high-mobility robots and planetary rovers with total mass/payload from 1 to 100 kg. These were the manipulators for Soviet Chernobyl robot, for a Finish industrial robot and for Russian and European demonstrators of Mars rovers. All mechanical systems, including special motor and gears (harmonic, planetary, worm, linear) were developed by RCL , ROCAD and VNIITransmash.

First five 5-DOF manipulators were developed in the period 1985-1990 for a special industrial robots ( STR-1, manipulator mass - 80 kg) for Chernobyl NPP accident recovery programs. For IKI (Institute of Space Research of Russian Academy of Science) a small manipulator in frame of Russian Mars Rover Programm 1994/1996 has been developed.

In the cooperation with ESA/ESTEC there were 2 projects – development and delivery of a manipulator (manipulator mass - 3,5 kg) with 5-DOF and a locomotion platform of Lunar Rover Mock Up for the ESTEC’s project LEDA ( 1996-1998).

In the period starting from 1999 and up till now, RCL Consortium * has developed and delivered 2 manipulator projects for Helsinki University of Technology ( HUT, Helsinki, Finland) and for ESA/ESTEC:

Bogatchev A.,Kutcherenko V., Matrossov S. and other. Manipulators for industrial high-mobility robots and planetary rovers, Proceeding of 2010 IEEE ISIE International Symposium on Industrial Electronic, Bari, Italy

There are more ten year’s experience for development special electromechanics for underwater application.

Robots & Rovers

Total mass, kg 960 220 180 75
Chassis mass, kg 600 160 120 38
Payload, kg 360 60 60 37

Manipulators for Robots & Rovers:

Type of manipulator Classic arm with replaceable gripper/tools Classic arm with tools/instruments permanently attached to a revolver table Centaur type (body and two arms with repla- ceable grippers /tools)
Manipulator mass, Mm, kg (without control unit) 80 3 3,5 22 body - 6 kg, arm – 8 kg each
Degrees of freedom 5 5 5 10 Body–2 DOF, arm–5 DOF each
Load capacity, Ml, kg (At maximum extent of, m) 40 (1,6 m) 2,5 (0,8 m) 2,0 (0,8m) 5 (per each arm, 1 m)
Drive composition DC motor+tacho, motor brake, planetary+harmonic gear, output shaft position potentiometer, limit switches DC brushless motor+Hall sensors, planetary gear, output shaft brake, output shaft position potentiometer DC motor, planetary gear, output shaft brake, output shaft position potentiometer DC motor+encoder, spur gear, spur gear brake, harmonic gear, output shaft position potentiometer
Drive motor power, W (for motors with different power) 40/10 2,3 2,3 150/20
Specific load capacity at maximum extent (Ml / Mm) 0,5 0,8 0,6 0,45 0,65 per arm (without body)
Maximum velocity at the wrist point, m/s 0,4 0,1 0,1 1

In the period 2012-2013гг starting two new projects : develop of special manipulators for Moscow Robotic Centre ( Russia ) and for China ( 5-6 DoF with mass 25-50 kg and payload 20-25kg (1,5m)

Materials prepared 2013.

For future info please contact with Serguei Matrossov and Alexei Bogatchev