Science & Technology ROVER Company Ltd. (RCL) has been founded as a stock company in 1992 by 15 leading space & robotics specialists of Russian Engineering Institute of Transport Machinery (VNIITRANSMASH, St.-Petersburg, Russia) and VNIITRANSMASH administration (who owns 24% of RCL’s shares). Now, its staff consists of 10 employees including 7 high-skilled design engineers in the area of mobile and space robotics.

Science & Technology Kemurdjian ROVER Centre Ltd. (RCL) has been founded as a stock company in 2003.

RCL’s design engineers participated in a number of world level projects, such as development of locomotion systems for "Lunokhod-1/2"; Mars rovers M71, Mars94/96; Phobos-86, Chernobyl Robot.

Experience gained in developing of space products is currently used for the development of robotic systems and demonstrators of the planet rovers and for on-ground application vehicles, such as: Polar Rover, Rowing Robot, Spherical Robots, J-rovers, IARES, LAMA, LRMC, Work Partner platform and Two arms Manipulator, RoSA-2 rovers, scaled models of rover chassis and manipulator for ESA’s ExoMars project and others…

RCL is a member of Russian Federation of Cosmonautics.

Major space & robotics projects
in the period 1963-2011
VNIITRANSMASH key projects for planet exploration missions:
1. Rover locomotion “LUNOKHOD-1” (1970)
2. Rover Locomotion “LUNOKHOD-2”(1973)
3. Phobos Hopper (1986)
4. Ski-walking Marsrover (1971,1973)
Joint VNIITRANSMASH & RCL projects:
5. MicroMarsrover-demonstrator IDD-2 (MarsNet Program, 1994)
6. MarsRover demonstrator “MIR” (Mars 94/96 Program)
7. MarsRover demonstrator IARES for CNES (EUREKA Program,1996)
8. MarsRover demonstrator LAMA for ALCATEL (1997)
9. LunaRover demonstrator LRMC for ESA/ESTEC (1997)
10. MarsRover demonstrator COMARO-CMA for CNES (2003)
11. LunaRover demonstrator for China ( 2006-2007)
12. Special robot for Tube ( for GazProm , 2009-2011)