The main focus of our work includes design, development, pilot manufacturing and testing of robotics products, mechanical scientific devices for soil investigation, locomotion systems (primarily mechanics and electro-mechanics ), technical / scientific consultation and engineering services in these areas.

ROVER Company’s experience and expertise in the following fields:

analysis and selection (invention) of locomotion system design / configuration in accordance with task performed, environmental and applied conditions.

analysis and selection of electromechanical systems.

scaled modelling of robotics, locomotion systems and units.

development, manufacturing and testing of:


mobile platform for robots


planetary rovers




non standards actuators


motors - wheels


pointing systems


Special mechanisms & Test-beds

We are ready to perform these types of work according to your requirement or to take part in joint ven-tures for developing of new robotics products.
The feature of ROVER Company is that we not only got used to give ideas but to realize them in the completed samples.